Privacy Policy

People are always concerned about their privacy and usage of personal information whenever they are using a web service, we also take your privacy very seriously and want to assure our customers and website visitors that we neither share or store their private information with us or any third-parties. We want to ensure our customers and visitors will enjoy a smooth web experience on our website by offering them complete security and protection of their sensitive information. As mentioned earlier, by using this website, you have agreed to our Privacy Policy.

Cache Information

It is vital that your computer will probably store cache information in your internet folder every time you will visit our website. To put it just, we use “cookies,” a type of cache memory on our website as many other similar web services use on their sites.

Many different companies and services can provide you the eligibility to anonymously surf the internet and websites. However, by using such services, we would to like mention the fact that our system cannot provide you with relevant information or offers since it cannot identify who are you behind the anonymous ID. So, the choice is always yours to surf the web anonymously or publicly.
Now you might be wondering how the cache memory works?
The answer is pretty simple, whenever you visit our website, a small piece of information will be stored in your computer as a cache memory.
(If you are skeptical about your privacy, you can always refer to the sample of our information collecting information collecting process stated at the end of this policy)

Email Correspondence

Our system also notifies with a return mail whenever you open or read emails sent to our website. This strategy helps up for enhancing our email correspondence system and make it more exciting and useful for our customers. Our system will also categorize all the upcoming and outgoing emails to create a differentiated list of our customers and our companies. This will help us to avoid the spam and junk mails.
(This is only an automated email service, and our customers can always turn this feature off by unsubscribing to our newsletters if their computer supports this function)
Other Resources of Information We might also collect our website users’ data from third-party websites and web services and add them up in our database for improving the site experience for our customers and online visitors.
(If you are skeptical about your privacy, you can always refer to the sample of our information collecting information collecting process stated at the end of this policy)


Cookies are small cache memories in your computer which stores information whenever a user visit our website. Cookies can be defined as a discriminating symbols consisting of letters and numbers read-in your computer hard disk by us through your internet browser so that our system will identify your browser during your visit and display the characteristics and quantity of items in your shopping cart. Almost every web service you will use will have required storing cookies to provide you with relevant information and offers on your next visit on the website.
The help function of toolbar on your browser will tell you how to prevent the browser from installing new cookies and inform you when the browser is installing a new cookie or shut down the cookies entirely. Besides, you can close or cancel the same data of browser add-ons like Flash cookies by changing its setting or visiting other manufactures’ websites.
However, cookies can help you to make the most of our services at our website so we will deliberately recommend you to keep your cookies enabled and in open status for our site.
Information from Other Sources The other sources and examples of information we collect mainly include the data from the other resources which we get from our website users or third-party web services. Using this information, we can improve our website services and appearance for our users on their next visit on our website.

Through our cooperative enterprises, results from web searches and links as well as the non-free searching list, we have been able to collect following information:
1. Accounts
2. Purchasing or Returning
3. Page Browsing
4. Keywords and Results
5. Affiliated Enterprises’ Service
6. Name, email id, password, directory, payment settings, inquiries, etc.

You can always call or contact us on our phone if you require any further assistance or have any queries.